Web designing is one of the key factors in online sale of products and services or spread of information / knowledge. A good web design always attracts visitor and compel them to stays a bit more on that website. For a quality web design you require a Web Designer who understands all about web designing.

I mean to say that he should be an experienced web designer. He must have knowledge about these necessary web designing requirements.

Website Designing Requirements

Here are few of the basic website designing requirements mentioned below for a modern design.

  • Knowledge of Web 2.0 styled(template & logo designing)
  • HTML5
  • CSS 3 (Cascaded Style Sheet)
  • Jquery
  • Knowledge of Scripting Languages like (PHP, ASPX, JAVA etc.)
  • World Wide Web Standards (W3 Standards)

Most of all he must have the ability to read the customer’s mind that what kind of design he wants for his company or organization.

I must say that a good website designing is an important part of Internet Marketing of your website.

Identify your problem so that we can help you out

  1. I already have a website but not so good !
  2. My web design is good but website lacking contents
  3. I am happy with my website; tell me more about its promotion

Select an option from the given above and we will tell you that how you can make your website more attractive and money making.

If you are looking for website redesigning then we can help you with class template design for your website and it will be finalize after your approval.

So the question is how to design a beautiful corporate website for trade?

A website should be cost-effective but that does not mean a compromise on the quality. One should hire a team of qualified professionals who work as a team.

A website designer company should have to follow these terms to achieve a quality design for its clients.

We have categorized these terms into 5 simple easy to understand steps which are as follow:

Step # 1

Wireframe What is wire-frame? In simple words wire-frame is the blue print of a project that has to go under implementation.

We roughly design a frame for a website to identify the exact location for a particular module. (Module means >> Main Menu, Login box, Header image or flash).

A good Wireframe will help in cost cut your budget in further steps of designing a website and will let you predict the total day it will take to finish.

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Step # 2

A Quality web design is a must for a corporate website. A website designer must have the knowledge of color combination. A good corporate Logo design should be there.

Color must match the logo color scenario and company’s color scheme as well.

After designing it should be get approved by the author and client so that there should not be any chance of changes in template design because that would interrupt the time sequence of that project.

Step # 3

HTML construction: After the designing of a template now there is a need to construct it into HTML format.

No this is very important that a designer make right slices of a template design for good HTML construction. And make sure that design won’t create any alignment hurdle while editing a page in future. After HTML construction we come to next step.

Step # 4

Content and Image Feeding: Now its time to feed the pages created by the designer with the contents provided by the content writer and the images or flash files etc.

Note: Content should be prepared right after the finalization of Wireframe design. So that when designer require contents for feeding the material should be presented there.

Step # 5

Dynamic work: After feeding the HTML pages with fresh contents and images its time for developer to come into action. A normal website require at least a ‘Business Inquiry’ and a ‘Contact’ page to be develop so that if a online visitor who wants to make a business inquiry or a contact with the company able to make that easily.

After all that done that website need to be uploaded on the server to run properly.

And it requires a thorough check of the website for any design or development related problem to be identified before anybody else find.

So it’s the simple five easy steps to design and construct a beautiful website in time. But time consumption can’t be same if you a single person or a freelancer to finish all the steps of your own. It all depends on how easily you got the resources in your hand.