Reputation Management



A decade ago an executive made some terrible business mistakes and that put him out of that industry. After few years he started an honest firm where everything was perfectly ok but as there are ups and downfall in every business which made some employees and co-worker to dug-out his past from Google. Some of the terminated employees started a thread on complaint booking site. And rest of unhappy employees joined that forum anonymously.

Now what…? As community of those irate employees grows and regular updates on that page somehow put that page on the top 10 list of Google Search Result Pages.

What are the effects of these situations?

Now whenever people including of (Competitors, CEO from other company that wish to work with this company or even worst a business investor) makes search regarding that company and find that complaint forum site right-under his official website.Oooopss…

Anyone can think that what will happen when someone who wants to associate with his company; got information regarding his internal organizational issues 30 to 50 times hyped on that complaint site by employees or business partner.

Why do you need an Online Reputation?

There is a saying in the Internet World “If you are not controlling your brand online then someone else will.

These days there are more and more opportunities out there over internet. Anyone can easily make an anonymous account and post something negative about your company and a bunch of negative lines can kill your online reputation instantly.

Business Investor – will become aware of your financial condition and more chances that they will find some better alternates.

Market Leaders – With bad reputation there are more and more chances that CEOs whom you want to hire may omit your brand or set a price tag for what his or her job is not proficient of.

Clients – Whatever the criteria people do search online about the individual, group or company before they want to outsource their jobs. If they find something abnormal they could switch to competitor in a flick of seconds. As may be your competitor could have handled their online reputation very well.

Employee – With damaged reputation HR team could find their self in to the situation where a new employee whom they want to hire could refuse or put some financial conditions in front of them.

How we will help you out of this?

  • We will represent your brand online
  • We will try to pull down the each and every page that contains negative comments
  • We will reply to normal queries and will work as a bridge between you and your customers
  • With positive comments we will push back negative comments out of main pages