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Just give 4 Months to us and we will take your online business up to the level where you will earn real online money.

Before starting let’s understand what actually your requirements are or what you want from an SEO Services Company India.

  • Do you want to spend your time learning SEO & interested in how they do it? or
  • You want more business from your website so that you can make more money & brand awareness

The obvious choice would be second! And in second option there are further different plans offered by SEO service provider in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida etc.
Below are few of the main packages that a marketing agency may be providing to its clients


  1. Standard SEO Company in India
    1. Website Ranking
    2. Social Media Presence (Business account creations on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  1. Pro SEO Company
    1. Website Ranking
    2. Local Listing & Optimization
    3. Full-Fledge Social Media Campaign
    4. Online Conversions
  1. Enterprises SEO Services Company India may include
    1. Full branding
    2. Website Ranking
    3. Conversion Optimization
    4. Video Channel Creation & Optimization
    5. Local Listing & Optimization
    6. Social Media
    7. Email Marketing
    8. Online Reputation Management (ORM)


Custom SEO Services India you required or as per recommended by your SEO consultant

Before making a decision over it let me clear that SEO is a service that optimizes your business directly.

And about choosing between the best SEO plan or Package mentioned above I would suggest if you are an Individual or Small company with low budget ( less than $1500 for a website and 4-5 keywords to rank) must go with first plan (Standard SEO Services India)


Tip: If an SEO company has quoted a price for a service on their website then you should take it as standard price of that company for a particular service.


Tip: Go for multiple services if you want a low price quote.


When your website ranks well in search engines for certain keywords then your inbox will start receiving products or service related queries.

Once you are assured that SEO really working for you & Online queries are coming and it’s time to extend the boundaries of other products then you can opt for the second plan (Pro SEO Services India).

In second plan more keywords will be included and through studies of your ‘Niche’ market will be done by the professionals.

Local Listing and optimization will also be done by your SEO company which definitely will boost online queries.

Also, this plan will cater your brand building needs over Social media sites. Existing and new customer will be requested to join the company page for latest updates on your products & services.

This will help your company in getting a loyal fan following over the internet. People in your fan following list instantly come to know about the launch of your latest products & services.

And probably you can save a lot of advertisement amount as more often people do ‘Viral message’ latest updates to their friends and family over social sites and verbally which somehow grows your brand name.

In India businesses that are well established in trouble zone where the graph of the company’s progress continuously going down; still not finding Internet Marketing as a low-budget medium for the promotion of their products and services!

Reason! Internet Marketing services are a growing subject in India and people are aware of it but due to other major issues in their business, they are not focusing on it that how SEO and Social Media can be helpful gaining their business back.

It recommended that an enterprise or a company which want to grow with a precise hit of their product and services in the market; must go with an Enterprise SEO Plan or a Custom SEO Solution for a Good Results within 3-6 Months and excellent in around 12 Months.

You must go with Enterprise SEO Plans if you are a good profit making company/brand or new company having a plan of Instant expansion online and offline.

Now! It’s clear that what plan to choose from. But how to choose a good SEO company for your project is still we need to know?


How to Choose a Best SEO Company for Your Project?

Ok you want to grow your organization and for this, you are looking an SEO company over Google or Bing that suits your needs but every search makes you bit puzzled as there are an enormous amount of companies and Individuals are Ranking and advertising their SEO offerings. Now! The question is that how to choose a right company or an SEO expert for your business?

“Search Engine Optimization is a standard process of OnPage and Off-page optimization with few twists in it.”

But Search Engine Optimizers have different categories like –

  1. SEO Freelancer (1 Person)
  2. SEO Startup Company (1-5)
  3. SEO Established Company (10-30 Persons)
  4. SEO Organization (150+ Persons)


But a professional or ‘Expert SEO’ could be any from mention above. It could be a freelancer or a small group of Internet Marketing Professionals.

All this depend on how efficiently Individual or a group of CEOs prepare/implement SEO strategies and help client making money and building brand.
You should choose any professional individual or company as per your budget limits along with results obtained by the company for their clients.

Tip: Lesser the Time & Price may be a good indicator of a risky SEO deal.

Ok, we have selected an SEO professional company but its 100 of miles away from us?

It’s a very common question that can come into your mind that the company you have selected for your SEO project is the best choice but they are not local.

In this era of technology, there are no boundaries for online businesses. Yes! But there is always a sense of concern of losing money. For this, I would suggest that always chooses a service provider, who is having a valid Government provided Business ID or Service Tax No. With this, you can deal with them without any hesitation.


Is there any guaranty that my website will rank in top pages on Google within the specific time period?


First of all, let me clarify that how Google ranks a website. There is a process in Search Engine Optimization which is:


  • OnPage Optimization
  • OffPage Optimization


OnPage optimization is to make your websites structure, navigation plan and much of the other technical activities so that your website becomes device friendly, looks good and performs even faster.

And in OffPage optimization everything we do off the pages like social media activities, directory submissions, search engine submission, Guest posting, Article writing and submission and more. OffPage optimization is a way to bring traffic to your website and obtaining quality backlinks with good practices.

All these practices require time and patience as we don’t control Google also we don’t prefer black hat techniques which in the end let your website penalized.

About Guaranty of website ranking; I must say that getting ranked in search engines is a continuous process “the more effort you put in the more outcomes you get.”


Do follow these points if you want Google First Page Ranking


  • Define your keywords with your SEO company
  • Choose fewer keywords in a phase if possible (5 different Keywords in single phase)
  • Ask for the price quote for the ranking of chosen keywords even if you have received quotes earlier to double check and in favour of both the parties
  • Will they provide SLA (Service Level Agreement) (soft as well as hard copy)
  • Ask for weekly work and monthly progress reports


All these activities will definitely make sure a first Pagerank of your web pages on any of search engines.

Tip: Don’t pressurize your SEO company because SEO results need time and patience but if you still want to make pressure on them then often offer them help related to your project; it will make them loyal and stay alerted regarding the progress of your project.